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my design philosophy?
Transforming complexity into clarity and converting consumers into devoted champions. Let's create a universe in which every click brings joy and each interaction tells a tale.
Featured Projects
I'm immensely proud of these projects. They represent just the beginning of what's possible and inspire me to reach even greater heights.
olg  |  group play  |  UX Case Study
Group Play is a feature designed for the Ontario Lottery and Gaming (OLG) transactional website and its Native Apps on iOS and Android platforms. The goal of Group Play is to enhance the user experience by allowing players to form groups, pool their resources, and play lottery games together. As the Lead Product/UI & UX designer, I was responsible for designing the feature from scratch, creating key components and assets, and collaborating with a cross-functional team to bring the project to fruition within an agile methodology. ​​​​​​​
Home Depot Canada  |  Cart redesign  |  UX Case Study 
​​​​​​​ is a well-known e-commerce website that offers a wide range of home renovation products and services. The shopping cart and checkout procedure are critical components of the user experience, with a major impact on conversion rates and customer satisfaction. This case study describes the actions and research approaches used to improve and redesign the cart stage on
lcbo  |  snapp (store navigation apps) modernization  |  iOS
I created, developed, and deployed 15 distinct apps for the LCBO Modernization initiative utilizing the SNAPP framework. This marked a significant shift from the previous Motorola devices to iPhone 7 iOS platform apps. While maintaining a consistent user interface, each app offers a unique user experience tailored to its purpose and suited to its specific goal.
olg  |  winners page ux case study  |  geo location enablement
The UX case study for the OLG Winners' Page focuses on redesigning the page to improve the user experience and drive traffic. The current design is long, especially on mobile devices. Geo Location enablement allows users to readily locate wins in certain locations and local retail stores, similar to Google Maps. This feature not only increases user engagement but also encourages interaction, making the platform more usable and dynamic.
lcbo connect  |  mobile apps ux improvement  |  ios & android
The LCBO Connect Apps (iOS & Android) were redesigned based on stakeholder and user feedback to improve UI & UX. User interviews and testing post-redesign showed significant improvements in usability and satisfaction. The project successfully addressed issues, leading to positive feedback from users and stakeholders.
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